Congratulations OKCL & MKCL eGovernance Team for great success!!!

  1. Data entry began from 314 places for 6236 Gram Panchayats and 51000+ villages.
  2. 31000 distinct user logins were created for data entry, 64 for monitoring.
  3. 1,21,529 PDFs was uploaded having more than 4 pages in each PDF.
  4. 1469 was the highest number of entries recorded to be made in a minute.
  5. 32,00,000+ entries were made in last 3 days at an average of 742 entries per minute.
  6. 1,00,00,000 are the projected number of entries as per the files uploaded.

About MKCL
Maharashtra Knowledge Corporation Limited (MKCL) is a Public Limited Company to create new paradigm in education and development through universalization and integration of Information Technology in teaching, learning and educational management processes in particular and socio-economic transformative processes in general.

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