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Preparing for JEE – Part 1

In year 2012, the HRD Ministry had announced “One Nation One Test” policy for the entrance into Engineering and Medicine colleges, and it is going to be implemented from the academic year of 2013. Thus, the Joint Entrance Examination (JEE) is now the only examination that an aspiring engineer would attempt to.  The JEE has been one of the toughest entrance examination in India, and now with this change, the stakes are even higher. There will be one huge pool of aspiring engineers competing together for engineering and medical admissions in the finest colleges of their choice. The sheer scale at which the examination is going to be conducted tells us about the massive competition. And to beat the competition, one needs an Edge. Competitive Edge it’s rightly called, and it’s the absolute advantage that you possess over your competitors.

Scoring well in this examination, or cracking it, is very crucial for an admission in a fine engineering college of your choice. In this article, I am going to write about how can JEE be cracked, what factors are crucial, the importance of hard work, etc. I am going to follow a structured and systematic approach.

To begin with the preparation strategy, the three most important things which are required to excel in JEE are,

  1. Conceptual Clarity
  2. Consistent efforts
  3. Practice

The conceptual clarity helps a long way. A concept well known and understood stays with you for life. Answering questions of any difficulty level is easily possible once you know the concept. The only way to get the conceptual clarity is interactive learning. Asking the teacher all the ‘wh’ questions is of importance. A good basic foundation of concepts, will not only help you ace the JEE but also will assist you in engineering education as well. Like it’s said, “Well begun is half done. ”JEE being a multiple choice examination, in addition to conceptual clarity, one needs to have an objective approach towards learning.

Consistent efforts pertaining to preparation, studies and solving practice need to be put in to ace JEE. Studying hard doesn’t necessarily mean studying for long tedious hours. Getting the basic concepts cleared, and the completion of syllabus is a good foundation. There is a lot more emphasis on practice and practice. Solving mock tests in abundance helps a lot in terms of confidence and helps the student get a general idea as to what he/she might expect in the exam. Thus, practice becomes the most important part in the JEE preparation.

As we know that JEE is an objective examination, practice is a sure shot way to get better at it. Practice mainly includes solving MCQs intensively. It makes you ready for the JEE with ample amount of exposure to solving MCQs. The most important thing is you get to see improvement for yourself. There is a distinct difference and an improvement in your scores with time. The sense of progression and continuous learning through testing makes the preparation complete. That being said, it is of paramount importance to subscribe a good preparatory test series for JEE.

More to come on how to prepare for the JEE and few tips in the next post. Have a good day ahead!

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