Salient Features of MKCL Mastering JEE – Part 2

You can read the first part of this post which speaks about the Conceptual Distractors in detail on the following link:

Detailed GAP Analysis……… (Continued)

In this post, I will be talking about the “Detailed Analysis” part of the salient features as mentioned in the earlier post, and also will highlight a few more advantages of Mastering JEE. As we already know, the GAP analysis tells you where you went wrong, which concepts you need to work upon and how can you improve. The bases for analysis are question wise, topic wise, and subject wise. There is a brief scorecard which tells you the score.

Let’s take a live example. Assume that you have appeared for a subject wise test on the chapter Measurements in Physics. As we know, the subject wise test consists of 15 questions. The flow goes as follows. You appear for the test, and when you are done with the test, you get the result instantly. Along with the result, an “Analysis Booklet” is generated. That booklet has the comprehensive analysis of your performance in the test. The various parameters considered for the analysis are the difficulty level, topic wise performance, and the choice of the answer. It also gives an analytics view of the areas that we you need to work upon.

Difficulty Level Wise


Topic Wise Analysis


Analytics of the areas you need to improve


Feedback for a Right answered question

right answer

Feedback for a Wrong answered question

wrong answer

Learning while Evaluating

As with the detailed gap analysis, you will be shown your answers as well as the model answers for the test that you have taken.  The biggest advantage of the same is, you get to know where you went wrong, and most importantly, you get to know the solution. You learn where and what you did wrong, and with it the right answers along with the right approach. So basically, you keep learning and perfecting yourself.


This is a unique feature of MKCL Mastering JEE. As the test series is very structured and has a fixed schedule, at the end of the test, the entire students appearing are ranked on the basis of their marks. This gives you a fair idea of the competition, and more importantly how you did fare against that. You know where you stand from your rank. It is a simulated JEE environment. For instance if you get Rank 1 in a test, that means that you are better than the other students in that chapter/subject.


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