The Importance of Time Management – (Part 1 of 3)

In the past articles, we discussed about preparing for JEE, about MKCL Mastering JEE, and its salient features. Today we will discuss about an important aspect, “Time Management”.

“Time Management” is going to be a series of 3 articles. We will discuss in detail about the importance, necessity, and the merits and advantages of time management.

Time management primarily refers to the following in this case:

  1. Time Management while studying and preparing
  2. Time Management while solving mock tests and appearing for JEE

In this series of 3 articles on Time Management, today’s article will highlight the importance of Time Management, and the next two articles will discuss about the above mentioned situations.

Importance of Time Management

The Oxford dictionary defines Time Management as “the ability to use one’s time effectively or productively.”  Wikipedia describes Time Management as “Time management is the act or process of planning and exercising conscious control over the amount of time spent on specific activities, especially to increase effectiveness, efficiency or productivity.” Very rightly defined by both the sources, time management is of great importance for you JEE aspirants. Cracking JEE is a mammoth task and you need to supplement your efforts with effective time management. Time Management becomes crucial because available time is limited and lapsing, and the time cannot be stored.

Let’s discuss about the importance of Time Management under the following

A. Discipline

Effective time management will imbibe discipline in you. You would be sticking to a timetable that you rightly prepared. Your efforts shall be organized and there would be very less room for errors.  The discipline imbibed in you would make you see the progress for yourself. All the resources you have including the study material, mock tests, etc will be utilized effectively.

B. You will have more time

Yes. You read that correct. Time management talks about efficiency as well as effectiveness. For example, with proper time management, you could actually achieve a task in lesser time without compromising on the quality. Most of the times, time management will help you to improve the quality of the task. Case in point, you would have more time as you would be saving time. You can utilize this time effectively to either study more or to engage in some relaxing activity.

C. Avoids last minute things

Ever came across a situation where in you had to appear for a test unprepared, because the deadline of an assignment submission? That is because, you kept putting off the assignment till the time it was actually due. You managed to complete the assignment, but the cost was poor marks in a test. With time management, it would never happen. You would have dedicated time slots in your timetable for assignments, studies, revisions, etc. That would help you avert such last minute things and the crisis.

D. Reviewing and Monitoring becomes easy

With a proper timetable in place, you could track your progress and monitor the studies very effectively. You can review on the basis of timely completion to the number of revisions to your confidence level about the subject or the topic. It ensures you stay on time and on track!

To conclude, I would say that effective time management wouldn’t just make your efforts organized and effective, but also will give you a control over your own life.

In the following article we will discuss about how to manage time while studying, preparing a time table, sticking to it, and other important things about time management. Keep a lookout.

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