The Importance of Time Management (Part 2 of 3)

You can read the Part 1 of this series of articles at the following link.

In the last article, we discussed the importance of Time Management and also its advantages. We took a bird-eye view of the subject at hand. Time Management constitutes of two parts; Time Management while studying and preparing, and Time Management while solving mock tests and appearing for JEE. In today’s article, we shall discuss about Time Management while studying and preparing.

Good Study Habits

Studying and preparing for JEE won’t be much of a task once you are habituated to it. Inculcating good studying habits is important. You can do the following and improvise upon them.

  1. Plan effectively for the time you have. Set up a generous schedule considering all the instances you would be occupied. Include college, classes, sleep, meal times, etc. Dedicate a studying time in that schedule.
  2. Plan for the study time in a way that you could concentrate and focus at a stretch. Keep this dedicated studying slot in the morning if you are a morning person or at night if you feel comfortable with it. The main objective here is to get undisturbed quiet time.
  3. Having dedicated a studying time, now it’s time to study. When you sit to study, prepare a To-Do list. This list shall enlist the things you want to cover in the session. That would give you an outline to follow. This will help you study better in a planned and organized way.
  4. Create a planner style document and write down what you do, and your studying plans. This will keep you on the track as well as give you a fair idea as to how you measure up against your own expectations.

Managing Priorities

Always prioritize the tasks as per their importance. Analyze beforehand the urgency and importance of a task in your To-Do list. It’s absolutely important that you decide to work on the things that have the biggest impact, and not because it’s easy. Understand the difference between important and urgent. Important tasks must be done; urgent tasks must be done NOW. Some things can be taken care of tomorrow, later this week, or next week. Here, important tasks would be studying a chapter, finishing a deadline on an assignment, preparing for a test, etc.

Keep in mind that today’s actions will plant the seeds for your long-term success. Take a minute off your schedule, and ponder over the thought of prioritizing a task and its effects on your preparation. Ask yourself, “What positive things might happen if I make this a top priority?”

Remember: Procrastination is your biggest enemy

Procrastination is your biggest enemy. Be sure about that. Procrastination is basically putting off work. It is about not doing things when they are due and waiting till the last moment and beyond. Waiting for the deadline to come up on a test or an assignment, and then waking up frantically is called procrastination.

The worst impact that procrastination would have is on your study schedule. It disturbs the flow and the plan. The work starts piling up. The last minute stress is consuming physically as well as emotionally. Agreed that you might even complete the task in time, but procrastination would cause the quality to take a hit.

The best way to curb procrastination is sticking to the plan. If you get an assignment, plan when you want to do it, and ultimately stick to it. Plan in advance. Plan for each test you would be taking, plan for each assignment that you would be working on.

Review and Revise

Do include time for reviewing and revising your studies in the timetable. Reviewing would help you know for yourself how effective you have been while studying. It would help you identify the gaps and improvising. Time Management is learnt and perfected over time, and such reviews would contribute significantly. Revising in a timely manner helps save time over a period as you won’t have a huge load of studies to be revised.

In the next article, we will talk about how to manage time effectively during solving mock tests and while appearing for JEE.

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