The Importance of Time Management (Part 3 of 3)

You can read the previous article about Time Management while studying and preparing for JEE in the next link.

In this article, we will discuss about Time Management while appearing for JEE, or while practicing and solving mock tests.

First and foremost, there are no hard and fast rules pertaining to Time Management while solving papers. It’s all about what you are comfortable with and what brings the best out of you.

To get an idea about which time management approach works for you, there is only one way. PRACTICE! You will need lots and lots of practice to know for yourself what works for you the best. As you practice, never shy away from trying new things. Trial and Error approach is definitely workable. For instance, you could experiment over which section to solve first, do you need to time each section, or stick to it till u finish, or to do all the easy ones first, and then revisit for the difficult ones, etc. These different variations would give you a fair idea as to what is making you the fastest for a given accuracy. And that is the time management trick you shall use for solving the JEE.

Yet another dimension to this exercise is to practice using preset approaches. For example, try solving a practice or mock test using a following approach. Solve all the questions which u feel are easy as per your preparation and are confident about them. This would mean that you would solve those questions fastest. That means you could have then solved a major chunk of the question paper very fast. That gives you ample time to ponder over the remaining questions and crack them. Another approach would be solving the paper section wise completely before moving to the next section. You shall have to practice enough using all the approaches to know what works better for you.

Following are some important tips to be followed while solving the test:

  • Always remember: Accuracy comes first, Speed comes second.
  • It is perfectly okay to solve slightly fewer questions faultlessly.
  • Keep calm while reading the question paper. Do not start thinking about the result just yet. Do not get over excited or depressed by the nature of the question paper.
  • It is advisable to use time in chunks. Do not check the clock after each question because that might make you more nervous.
  • You can just mark the answers in the answer sheet and keep on solving, and then use the last 10 minutes to highlight the answers and shade the OMR area. This point is not applicable for the online tests.
  • Try and use the rough paper when required. Make it a habit of doing rough work clearly. Just in case you have to revisit the rough work later, it should be legible and not some unreadable scribbles.
  • Keep track of the time; the target is to cover as much as you can accurately.
  •  Review whether you have marked the answers correctly. Don’t haste and panic.

To conclude, practice is very important. Solving as much as tests as possible will help you to hone your time management skills.


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