07-January – This Day in Science

(In picture, clockwise from top-left: Sir Sanford Fleming, Johann Philipp Reis, Émile Borel and Sir John E. Walker.)(In picture, clockwise from top-left: Sir Sanford Fleming, Johann Philipp Reis, Émile Borel and Sir John E. Walker.)

This Day in Science

7th January is the Birth Anniversary of 4 great people from the field of science. Their contributions, directly or indirectly shape the way we understand our world as it is. Let us enrich our knowledge through this snippet about the their lives.

Sir Sanford Fleming, was born in Scotland but is known as a Canadian engineer and inventor. He is the man behind Time Zones. Born in 1827, he was a railway engineer in Canada. His proposal of a single 24 hour time zone for the world was a result of a missed train in Ireland, because the printed schedule said ‘PM’ instead of ‘AM’. He canvassed for time zones, at various international conferences and although rejected initially, most of the world accepted his idea by 1929.

German scientist and inventor Johann Philipp Reis, was born in 1934. He started displaying his talents at quite an early age, by the time he was 14, he had learnt French, English, Latin & Italian. As in the case of Sir Fleming, Reis was also pushed towards a field that was not his interest, in this case, paints business. But he continued his studies in Physics & Mathematics. Just as is the case with many other discoveries & inventions, there is a faction of scientists, especially in Europe that believe Reis to be the inventor of the telephone, not Bell.

Known for his pioneering work in the fields of measuring theory and probability, Émile Borel was born in 1871 in France. He was a brilliant student, who won an annual national mathematics competition and secured the first rank in French civil services examination. Among a lot of theories named in his honour, the most prominent one is the Borel Set in algebra. He is also the first to write about games of startegy, and later entered French politics.

Sir John Ernest Walker is a Nobel Laureate, in Chemistry for research on enzyme mechanism, an honour he received in 1997 along with two other researchers. He was born in 1941. Interestingly he was Knighted for research in Molecular Biology, proving his expertise in varied fields. He’s a Fellow of the Royal Society, London.


Picture Sources:
Wikimedia Commons

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