10 Ways to Improve Your Focus

How many times have you sit to study but only to find that your mind is wandering and you are not able to concentrate and focus? Yes. That’s right. The number of time it has happened is very high. Despite the need of the hour and your intentions to study, it’s evident that you cannot focus and concentrate. We have all been through this frustrating situation, and it can really undermine your performance in the exam. In this article, we will discuss on keeping and improving the focus while studying. Following are the 10 steps which shall help to regain and improve your focus while studying.

focus1.      Try and get full sleep

Sleeping rejuvenates the body and the mind. It brushes off the physical and mental stresses and fatigues. Sleep charges you for a great day ahead. Being said that; please make it a point to sleep for 6-8 hours. Less sleep affects concentration and focus directly. A good night’s sleep won’t just make you fell fresh and energetic, but will also help you focus and enjoy studying.

2.      Exercise

Exercise is a big stress buster. Even a small amount of physical activity increases alertness. In addition to that, exercising and having a proper diet will keep you healthy and boost your immune system, indirectly affecting your concentration and focus.

3.      Have a free mind

While you sit tot study, try and keep a free mind. Try and leave all the other things behind, and just focus on the subject at hand. Ensure you don’t have cluttering thoughts and worries when you study. Remember that you cannot add even a drop more if the cup is already full. When you have a free mind, without any issues or worries bothering you, you shall perform at elevated levels of concentration.

4.      Study in an environment with No or Less Distractions

The last three steps discuss about getting rid of the internal factors which might hamper the concentration. Moving on to the external or environmental factors, it is absolutely necessary to study in a distraction free environment. Pick and choose a time when you wouldn’t require to participate in any house chores, attend calls, watch TV, etc. Keep your mobile phone on silent and get to studying. If you don’t have any external distractions as mentioned, it is very obvious that your focus won’t be disturbed.

5.      Organize the study place

One of the major sources of distraction while studying is not finding the right book, pencil, pet, other stationary etc. Many a times if your study area is cluttered, this might happen. And it will suddenly break your focus from the studies and u would go about finding stuff that you want. A simple solution to this problem is to keep the study place organized. Make separate sections for text books, notes, stationery etc. as per required.

6.      Set Goals and Prioritize

Set definitive goals as you start studying. That will help you to maintain focus as you would be driven to complete the self-set goals and targets.

7.      Get rid of the negativity

“It’s too tough”, “so much to study and so less time”, “what if I cannot score well”, etc. are a bunch of negativities which you shall face while studying. The smart thing to do here is to study and overcome them. But, they themselves can break your concentration if you start worrying about them.

8.      Don’t study for the time, study for the material

Never sit to study with a target of studying for an hour or two, or for a specific time for that matter. Set targets based on content to be studied and finish them no matter how much time it takes.

9.      Take breaks

Take a brief 5-10 minute break after an hour of study. Will help to relax and reduce fatigue and ultimately help in improving the concentration.

10.  Concentration improving activities

Various studies suggest that activities like yoga, meditation, etc. are a concentration booster. Do indulge in such activities in your spare time. Will not only help you keep fit but also will help you to focus well.


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