KLiC Diploma: Role Based Learning


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KLiC means knowledge lit careers. In this article today, we are going to discuss about the Role Based Learning methodology in detail.

As we know, each of the courses in KLiC Diploma is called Role Based Module. These Role Based Modules are basically a course designed around the role that is performed in the industry. That means, each Role Based Module educates and prepares the KLiC Learner to perform the role effectively. Examples of such roles in industry are Data Analyst, Business Presentation Specialist, Graphic Designer, Web designer and so on.

Keeping this introduction in mind, let us analyze a case. Aditi is pursuing her graduation and she is very good at presentations. She has very good communication skills and a good grasp of languages. Now she wants to be a Business Presentation Specialist. The job revolves around creating, editing, and presenting creative and visually rich presentations to the clients and bagging new businesses.

The conventional way of learning for Aditi would be to learn Presentation Graphics software such as MS PowerPoint in great detail. That is called tool based learning. You just learn the tool which is required to do the job. But, by this tool based learning, the Learner only becomes proficient in the tool. In reality, to be an efficient Business Presentation Specialist, Aditi needs lot more than just the tool proficiency. Aditi needs to have in-depth knowledge of the industry standards, creativity, and experience in creating outputs as per the industry business requirements.

In KLiC Diploma, the learning is Role based. To excel in that role, you require tool skills, in-depth knowledge of the industry standards, creativity, and experience in creating outputs as per the industry business requirements. In KLiC Diploma, Aditi not only learns in detail about PowerPoint, but also learns to create industry requirement outputs as Assignments and ePortfolios. The role based learning environment challenges her skills and increases her creativity. Thus, at the end of the course, Aditi is very much ready to start working in the industry.

In the next article we will discuss this more with a different case. Please watch out this space for more articles.

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  1. Jai says:

    It’s sounds good, but need more information regarding this like 1) what are courses available in this category? 2)where I can do this courses,? 3) How can I take franchise?

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