Who is a Freelancer?

Freelancer is a person who has freedom to work with his own will and wish from anywhere and with anyone around the globe. Freelancing is one of the easiest, fastest, and lowest cost ways to start working for yourself.

A freelancer is someone who performs tasks, usually for multiple employers over the period. Freelancers may work part-time or full-time. Because they are not considered employers, freelancers are allowed to work for other employers and are usually permitted to perform tasks in their own way, so long as the work gets done to the client’s specifications.freelance

A Freelancer can be a person who is just starting his career or has a number of years of experience.  Becoming a freelancer is a way to work at home and be independent without needing to start an actual business.

What Kind of Work Do Freelancers Do?

Freelancers can do just about any kind of work you might imagine. Here are just a few of the most popular types of freelance services:

  • Freelance desktop publishing services provider
  • Freelance virtual assistant or virtual professional
  • Freelance bookkeeper
  • Freelance computer programmer
  • Freelance web designer, graphic designer, Photoshop editor
  • Freelance tour guide
  • Freelance video editor
  • Freelance illustrator

MKCL brings an opportunity for all it KLiC diploma Learners for above mentioned role based careers to become a freelancer with an EASY portal. For any inquiry give a missed call on 08030 636 345 and we will get back to you.


About MKCL
Maharashtra Knowledge Corporation Limited (MKCL) is a Public Limited Company to create new paradigm in education and development through universalization and integration of Information Technology in teaching, learning and educational management processes in particular and socio-economic transformative processes in general.

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  1. SUJIT S GUNDE says:

    Nice information, but how a person get connected with market?

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