Life of a Freelancer

We happened to interview a Freelancer Web designer. Here are the excerpts:

1. Why you decided to become a freelancer?

I always had a special liking for website designing and Photoshop. So during my vacation, I decided to do a course at a nearby MS-CIT Center and took admission for KLiC Diploma. Later when I began my job search, I realized that all the available opportunities were in big cities. Being the only son, I never wanted to leave my parents and move to a city. A friend suggested freelancing and I started with it. Gradually, my income grew and now I earn enough to support my parents

2. Do you like being a freelancer?

Yes, absolutely. Being a freelancer has made my life very easy. I wake up at my time, look for my smartphone, go for a walk, sit down to have my breakfast. To manage the work throughout the day, I take out my organizer and list all tasks to be done and how many hours to allot for each. I then note the overall estimated hours for each of my three projects in order to balance everything out.

Check my mail client and send progress reports to my three employers, enumerating finished tasks, as well as a short reminder about the next milestone payment.

Work begins. I attend a brief tele-conference meeting with my employer to discuss project updates, minor problems, and known issues. I take notes, balancing another cup of tea with my pen and phone. I work on each task; ticking off completed ones from my task management app.

Lunch break! Feeling a need to socialize in between bites, I open my Twitter, Facebook, and Google+ accounts to see what’s new and interesting. I share awesome stuff, respond to @mentions, and comment on Facebook posts and then enjoy a small nap or family talk with parents and then back to work. Out with friends in evening and dinner, some work and off for the day.

3. Are you able to give sufficient time to your family and friends?

Yes, I am all surrounded by my work, my parents and my friends.

4. If you are given a choice of a 9-5 job with a good package, will u accept?

No, I do get calls, but I just tell them that I am a freelancer.

5. Any difficulties that you faced?

Yes, I did faced some difficulty initially, as I did not have enough outputs create an effective portfolio. I was also was not able to understand the techniques of bidding and winning a project. Recently I heard about a freelancing portal for KLiC Diploma learners named EASY which will help them resolve all these difficulties and be on the path to become freelancer.


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