8 Google tips & tricks that you must know

Google TnT


Below is a list of 8 Google tips & tricks that would make your life simpler.

  1. Weather and Movies

Type “weather” or “movies” followed by a city and state in Google Search Bar to display current weather conditions or movie theaters in your area. For example, typing weather mumbai gives you the current weather conditions for Mumbai, Maharashtra. Typing movies mumbai gives you a link for show times for movies in that area.

  1. Definitions

Pull up the definition of the word by typing define followed by the word you want to define in Google Search Bar. For example, typing: define computer would display the definition of that word.

  1. Local search

Visit Google Local (local.google.com) and enter the area you want to search and the keyword of the place you want to find. For example, typing: restaurant would display local restaurants.

  1. Translate

Translate text, a full web page, or search by using the Google Language Tools. To translate text, visit https://translate.google.com

  1. Pages linked to you

See what other web pages are linking to your website or blog by typing link: followed by your URL. For example, typing link:http://www.mkcl.org displays all pages linking to Computer Hope.

  1. Find PDF results only

Add fileType: to your search to display results that only match a certain file type. For example, if you wanted to display PDF results only type: “dell xps” fileType:pdf — this is a great way to find online manuals.

  1. Calculator

Use the Google Search engine as a calculator by typing a math problem in the search. For example, typing: 100 + 200 would display results as 300.

  1. Stocks

Quickly get to a stock quote price, chart, and related links by typing the stock symbol in Google. For example, typing NSE:HDFCBANK displays the stock information for HDFC Bank.


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