20 Fascinating YouTube Facts that Will Surprise You. No. 17 is Called Business Vision!

  1. YouTube was founded by Chad Hurley, Steven Chen, and Jawed Karim, former employees of PayPal, an online commerce website. They registered the domain name in February 2005. It was officially launched in December of that year.
  2. In October 2006, Google bought YouTube for $1.65 billion in stocks, just18 months after YouTube’s creation. Karim received $66 million in Google stock, Chen received $310 million, and Hurley received $334 million.
  3. The first month after its creation, YouTube had 3 million visitors. The number of visitors tripled by the third month (February 2006), and then tripled again by July to 30 million visitors. By the end of the site’s first year, the number of visitors reached over 38 million.
  4. YouTube is the second largest search engine after Google (bigger than Bing, Yahoo!, and Ask combined).
  5. YouTube’s viewers are approximately 44% female and 56% male. Most viewers are 12-17 years old.
  6. In 2007, it was estimated that YouTube used as much bandwidth as the entire Internet did in 2000.
  7. The name “YouTube” and its motto “Broadcast Yourself” reflect the founders’ hope that anyone could use the site freely.
  8. YouTube has become such a cultural phenomenon that a college course was devoted to it. In 2007, Pitzer College in California offered a course called “Learning from YouTube.” The teacher wanted students to think about YouTube’s place in society.
  9. In May 2008, L.A. police arrested Cyrus Yazdini for vandalism. He had published many of his graffiti adventures on YouTube with a rap soundtrack. His YouTube publications helped police find and arrest him.
  10. YouTube broadcasts about 1/3 of the U.S.’s multimedia entertainment.
  11. The very first video-sharing Website was a page on shareyourworld.com, which was started in 1997. However, because technology at the time was not good enough for sending and watching videos over the Internet, it soon went out of business.
  12. In September 2005, Brazilian soccer star Ronaldinho’s Nike ad “Touch of gold” became the first YouTube video to be viewed 1 million times.
  13. As of 2010, it would take 1,700 years to watch every YouTube video.
  14. In 2007, British Prime leader Tony Blair became the first world leader with a YouTube channel.
  15. While tools such as Audio ID and Video ID (programs that help identify copyrighted material) and agreements with industry giants such as SONY have helped address YouTube’s longstanding issues with copyright infringement, content appropriateness continues to be YouTube’s main criticism.
  16. In 2007, YouTube cofounder Hurley told BBC News that one of the aims of YouTube is to entertain, inform, and empower the world through video.
  17. In 2006, when Google bought YouTube, YouTube was losing money at a rate of $500,000 a month despite its immense popularity. Google, however, saw its immense advertising potential.
  18. In 2013, You Tube had more than 72 hours of video uploaded per minute—or over a decade of content every day.
  19. Over 4 billion hours of video (over 450,000 years’ worth) are viewed each month on YouTube.
  20. Every second there are 46,296 YouTube videos being viewed all around the world.


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