MS-CIT takes learning to new dimensions with Augmented Reality feature


This year, MS-CIT 2017 has unlocked an expansive library of resources available to students through Augmented Reality technologies. Admissions for the March batch of MS-CIT are ongoing and results from the year’s first batch show the rate of students using Augmented Reality is growing exponentially.

Augmented Reality blends the virtual world with the physical one and MS-CIT is harnessing the technology to create a more wholesome learning environment, fit for the 21st Century. All learners are given a textbook on Computing Essentials at the time of admission. Students who download the MKCL Learner App on their smartphone can scan the images in the book to access informational YouTube videos on similar topics.

As technology changes, it is important that learners have the most current information. As a result, the videos available to learners are constantly updated to ensure the learners aren’t getting obsolete information. There are more than 200 videos linked to the images in the textbook for students to explore and the topics range from 3D Printing to e-Commerce to information on drones. Learners can even share these videos with their families and friends so everyone can learn together.

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