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Have you ever felt that there is something beyond completing your education and having a safe job? Have you ever felt the need to do something more in life than just earn money?
Do you get motivated to use your talents to grapple with the several social, scientific and technological challenges around? Does the question of finding the Purpose of your Life move you?

NIRMAN is a platform for such restless youth to come together and seek answers to these questions. NIRMAN is the place to discover yourself, and find your Life Mission.

NIRMAN is a pursuit of leading a meaningful life!

NIRMAN: Youth for Purposeful Life 
Poverty, food shortage, energy crisis, child deaths, global warming, unemployment….. There is no dearth 
of problems. There could be many more challenges that are still unidentified. However the youth with 
social commitment and professional talent needed to tackle these challenges is generally missing. How 
to nurture a new generation of leadership to take up social challenges? 

NIRMAN started in June 2006 as an initiative to sensitize selected youth in Maharashtra to societal 
problems and to identify and nurture social change makers.  

NIRMAN encourages self-search for the development of one’s life mission. NIRMAN provides guidance, 
expertise and environment to inculcate self-learning so that youth can lead a deeply satisfying and 
meaningful life. 

NIRMAN has developed an educational process to systematically cultivate new leadership amongst the 
selected students/professionals.  
The educational process includes: 

NIRMAN Fellowships 
NIRMAN Samudaay 

This is a series of 4 residential camps (each of about 7-9 days) that are organized once in every 6 months 
for the selected youth. In the intermediate period, the participants get in touch with each other, carry 
group activities and get further exposure to societal issues through self-initiation.  

NIRMAN Fellowships  
This is an advanced phase of NIRMAN process. The enriched youth who participated in the process of 
NIMRAN camps and those who want to pursue a deeper and fulltime search for their life mission while 
contributing to the society can enter into NIRMAN Fellowship. This is a one year process of problem 
based experiential learning and identification of self through it.  

NIRMAN Samudaay  
Though NIRMAN was initiated primarily as an idea by SEARCH (Society for Education, Action and 
Research in Community Health – to identify and nurture social changemakers amongst the youth, now a group of about 30 leading figures in Maharashtra are actively 
contributing for the same.  
The youth and these leading figures and other supporters, together form the NIRMAN Samudaay which 
shares this dream – ‘of solving social problems and developing new generation of leadership’.


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