5 Tips to manage the last 2 days before JEE Main

calenderIt’s April 4th. JEE Main is just 2 days away. The moment that you have been waiting for all this time is just 2 days away.

In this article, we shall discuss the five essential tips to approach the situation.

  1. The days of preparing are over by a long period. Absolutely refrain from learning new concepts, cramming new formulae and touching the numericals which u haven’t solved before. Invest time wisely in revising the work that you have studied well before. Do go through the articles published on this blog regarding revision techniques and methods.
  2. Work on your strengths and reinforce your strong conceptual foundations. Try and go through the syllabus you have studied. Check previous notes and revise the formulae.
  3. Try to relax and study as less as possible on day prior to the exam. It will help you to be calm and confident the next day. Go for a long walk, indulge in some good food, exercise, play your favorite sport, and just kick back! Don’t stress out on the things you have missed; just be confident for the ones you have perfected.
  4. On 6th April, the day of the examination, absolutely refrain from talking to friends about last minute preparations. Do not take calls from friends and relatives regarding preparations and other stuff. Try and stay away from such external sources of anxiety.
  5. Last but not the least; remember that you have studied your best. A small amount of nervousness is absolutely normal, and would help your performance.


We wish you all the very best!

Testing Effect: A Powerful Technique for Revision

No one says studying for JEE is a piece of cake. The syllabus is vast, the sheer amount of portion to be studied is huge, and the difficulty level is pretty high. And the fact that you are up against time makes it even more difficult. Concepts are in thousands, formulae are in thousands as well; chemical reactions, vast calculus, etc. are definitely a handful.  Now that your board examinations are over, you have studied the entire syllabus at least once. Now the biggest challenge for you is to revise and be completely prepared. It is a challenge because of the vastness of the contents.

Let us discuss about “The Testing Effect”. The testing effect is a psychological phenomenon that refers to an enhancement in the long-term retention of information as a result of taking a memory test. The “testing effect” refers to the finding that after an initial study opportunity, testing is more effective for long-term retention than restudying.

The inference that we can draw from the testing effect is; while revising, it is better to test yourself for what you have learnt rather than just studying and reading everything again. Following things can be done to ensure your revision is on track

  1.        Solve at least a couple of problems per concept or formula so that you can revise at the same time.
  2.        Ensure that you touch every subject every day in suitable chunks for revision.
  3.        Apart from solving the mock tests for practice, you should revise the concepts and formulae by solving problems on them.


…. for that FINAL PUSH Towards JEE (Main) 2014

1Just little over two weeks remaining for the JEE Main. The stakes have never been higher.

You have been studying for JEE since about two years now. And that’s a lot of time. You are at a point where your basics are clear, fundamentals are in place, and have a lot of practice in solving problems. You have been through the Board Examinations, and countless prelims before that. You have studied the entire syllabus multiple times.  And these, my friends, are your strengths.


With less time at hand, one of the best ways to ensure top score in JEE is to focus on your strengths now.  “Don’t learn altogether new things, perfect what you know” are the words to live by in this crucial period. You have studied a mighty lot in the past two years. You have revised it multiple times as well. And now that’s your core strength.


At this time, with your board examinations being over, it’s important that you come out of the mindset of writing descriptive answers and get into objective answering mode. And Practice is going to help the transition go smoothly. Along with reading and revising the concepts and formulae, do practice solving MCQs as well. It is recommended to solve 4-5 mock papers a week. Check for yourself what suits well.

Try and solve mock JEE papers from a test series. MKCL Mastering JEE Full Portion Test is an intelligent test series covering full portion tests of each subject. The features like GAP analysis and Feedback will help u immensely to learn about your strengths and weaknesses. It will help you to be prepared completely for the bid day.

Keep a lookout for this section. There is definitely more to come. We wish you the best. Pace yourself. Time yourself. Do Well.


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