An Introduction to KLiC Diploma


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With the advent of Information Technology, there are a vast number of opportunities opening up. Industries are changing and so are the careers.  A huge number of new age careers in the sectors like Graphic Designing, Services, Information Technology, Financial Analysis, Banking, and many more. Freelancing scenario has been changed significantly in the last decade as well.

In the near future, the definition of vocational work is going to shift from the existing to information driven work. Take any example that you can think of, and compare the situation of the change in the career roles as of now and those 15-20 years ago. If you consider banking, the change is from a regular clerk to a MIS consultant; if you consider printing and publishing, the change is from a typesetter to a DTP operator; and so on. You can easily observe how Information Technology has helped the career roles to evolve and has opened up new possibilities.

MKCL has introduced KLiC Diploma keeping in mind the rapidly changing career roles. In KLiC Diploma, the learning is mapped to different roles in the industry. KLiC is Knowledge Lit Careers. The purpose of KLiC Diploma is to enable learners start their knowledge lit careers. In KLiC Diploma, the learner can as much as choose 6 Role Based Modules (RBM). Each RBM is based on a particular role. The roles contain the subject matter in tune with the industry expectations, the skills required to perform the role, and the tools necessary to be learnt and mastered. During the course the learners are educated to produce socially useful and acceptable work. KLiC Diploma is based on MKCL’s role-based and work-centric vocational education approach.

Each of Role Based Module (RBM) is mapped to specific industry roles. The roles are offered in the following disciplines

  • Creative Digital Arts
  • Life Skills for Workplace Readiness
  • Financial Services
  • Financial Accounting
  • Hardware and Networking
  • eEducation and many more

KLiC Diploma is based on the philosophy of Role Based Learning. Traditionally the learning is tool based. In the next article we will discuss the merits of Role Based Learning over the traditional tool based learning.


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