Looking to reduce attrition in your organization? Read on…


One of the oldest and biggest issues that organizations face is that of attrition. HR personnel are constantly evolving various ways to retain employees especially at entry-level positions. This issue can be addressed by involving entry-level employees in an academic program that not only grooms the employee to take up leadership positions but also ensures that the employee learns on a continuous timeline. We, at MKCL, have designed a graduate degree program called MKCL Finishing Schools (MFS) that addresses the issues of attrition, recurring training and retraining costs at the core. MFS is a learn-while-you-earn program which is a series of Role Based and Work and Performance Centric distance education degree programs in different sectors for learners at large. It is certified by Yashwantrao Chavan Maharashtra Open University (YCMOU). Candidates can pursue either a B.B.A degree in Business Process Management or a B.Sc degree in Computer System Administration when enrolled in this program. Under this new educational paradigm, candidates who successfully get enrolled into the program are able to pursue their graduation while working in an organization and earning a monthly stipend as well. The industry partner (IP) will be the organization where the candidate’s work lab will be located.

Benefits to the industry Partner:

Under this unique program, the industry partner will get a dedicated workforce for a period of 3 years with the least cost of recruitment with no commitment of a final placement. The industry partner has the freedom to rotate the candidate in different departments or else train the candidate in one particular department with intermittent training. At the beginning of the program, the candidate can be hired as an intern or as an employee as per company policy. The industry partner will have to pay a monthly stipend to the candidate for the services he/she provides during his/her in the company. There is no binding that the industry partner has to absorb the candidate after the completion of 3 years. The candidates would be IT literate as they will have passed the MS-CIT course. This academic model will develop an industry ready workforce which will be trained by the industry itself, thereby increasing a candidate’s employability.

Benefits to the candidates:

As per the academic model, the candidate will be able to work in a company for a period of 3 years while earning a monthly stipend and at the same time, pursue his graduation with the University though distance learning. So, the learner is able to earn his graduation while getting actual work experience. Through eLearning, MKCL will handle the academics of the program.

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