महाराष्ट्रातील ५००० MS-CIT केंद्रांवर बारावीचा ऑनलाईन निकाल मोफत उपलब्ध


बारावीचा निकाल लवकरच ऑनलाईन जाहीर होणार आहे. त्यामुळे महाराष्ट्रातील लाखो विद्यार्थ्यांना आणि त्यांच्या पालकांना एकाच वेळी इंटरनेट, कंप्यूटर व प्रिंटरची गरज भासणार आहे. महाराष्ट्र ज्ञान महामंडळाच्या महाराष्ट्रातील ५००० हून अधिक MS-CIT सेंटर्सवर ६५,००० पेक्षा जास्त इंटरनेट रेडी कंप्युटर्सच्या माध्यमातून विद्यार्थ्यांना ऑनलाईन निकाल विनामूल्य उपलब्ध करुन देण्याची विशेष परवानगी SSC बोर्डातर्फे महाराष्ट्र ज्ञान महामंडळाला मिळाली आहे. हा निकाल MS-CIT केंद्रांवर मोफत पाहता येईल व प्रिंटही मिळेल अशी विशेष व्यवस्था प्रत्येक सेंटरवर केली गेली आहे.

बारावीचा निकाल बोर्डाच्या नियमांप्रमाणे १ वाजल्यानंतर सर्व MS-CIT सेंटर्सवर उपलब्ध असेल. विद्यार्थ्यांच्या सुविधेसाठी त्यांनी नजीकच्या MS-CIT सेंटरमध्ये बोर्डाने दिलेला आसन क्रमांक आणि आईचे नाव नोंदवावे अशी विनंती MKCL तर्फे करत आहोत कारण यावर्षी बोर्डाने दिलेल्या सुचनांनुसार आसन क्रमांकासोबत आईचे नावही साईटवर देणे आवश्यक असणार आहे.

MS-CIT takes learning to new dimensions with Augmented Reality feature


This year, MS-CIT 2017 has unlocked an expansive library of resources available to students through Augmented Reality technologies. Admissions for the March batch of MS-CIT are ongoing and results from the year’s first batch show the rate of students using Augmented Reality is growing exponentially.

Augmented Reality blends the virtual world with the physical one and MS-CIT is harnessing the technology to create a more wholesome learning environment, fit for the 21st Century. All learners are given a textbook on Computing Essentials at the time of admission. Students who download the MKCL Learner App on their smartphone can scan the images in the book to access informational YouTube videos on similar topics.

As technology changes, it is important that learners have the most current information. As a result, the videos available to learners are constantly updated to ensure the learners aren’t getting obsolete information. There are more than 200 videos linked to the images in the textbook for students to explore and the topics range from 3D Printing to e-Commerce to information on drones. Learners can even share these videos with their families and friends so everyone can learn together.

Swami Rama Humanitarian Award conferred upon to Hon’ble Mr. Vivek Sawant

IMG-20141113-WA0024 IMG-20141113-WA0025 IMG-20141113-WA0026 IMG-20141113-WA0027

MKCL is pleased to inform that, Hon’ble Mr. Vivek Sawant, Managing Director & CEO, has been awarded the prestigious Swami Rama Humanitarian Award for the year 2014. The Jury was headed by Former Chief Justice of India , Shri M.N. Venkatachaliah Ji.

The award has been instituted by the Himalayan Institute Hospital Trust, Dehradun in the memory of its founder Dr. Swami Rama. Dr. Swami Rama was a yogi, scientist, philosopher, writer, poet and above all a humanitarian who spent his life for the upliftment of the poor and downtrodden.

Under the leadership of Hon’ble Mr.Vivek Sawant, MKCL has emerged as a high-tech initiative of the Government of Maharashtra and 10 universities in Maharashtra for development and delivery of Education, Governance and Empowerment technologies, solutions and services to masses.

MKCL has emerged to be the single largest private-public-partnership network of its kind in India. Over 95 lakh learners from metros to rural and tribal areas have taken a low-cost, high-quality IT Literacy eLearning experiences leading to MS-CIT certification through this network in last 13 years. This venture has provided employment and self-employment opportunities in the field of IT to about 25,000 youngsters in the state at their own native places.

Under his leadership, MKCL with its popular brands such as ERA, Digital University, OASIS, etc. has offered its Digital Empowerment services to more than 2 crore common people in several states of India as well as abroad. Today while MKCL has emerged as a self-sustaining, wealth creating and ever growing enterprise it is firmly committed to its social responsibility and social accountability.

HSC Results: Visit MKCL Centers or Visit www.hscresult.mkcl.org


The HSC result will be declared on 2nd June 2014 at 1:00pm. The result can be accessed via the following website.



For more details, refer to HSC RES 2014


An Introduction to KLiC Diploma


या लेखाचा  मराठी अनुवाद वाचण्यासाठी येथे CLICK करा

With the advent of Information Technology, there are a vast number of opportunities opening up. Industries are changing and so are the careers.  A huge number of new age careers in the sectors like Graphic Designing, Services, Information Technology, Financial Analysis, Banking, and many more. Freelancing scenario has been changed significantly in the last decade as well.

In the near future, the definition of vocational work is going to shift from the existing to information driven work. Take any example that you can think of, and compare the situation of the change in the career roles as of now and those 15-20 years ago. If you consider banking, the change is from a regular clerk to a MIS consultant; if you consider printing and publishing, the change is from a typesetter to a DTP operator; and so on. You can easily observe how Information Technology has helped the career roles to evolve and has opened up new possibilities.

MKCL has introduced KLiC Diploma keeping in mind the rapidly changing career roles. In KLiC Diploma, the learning is mapped to different roles in the industry. KLiC is Knowledge Lit Careers. The purpose of KLiC Diploma is to enable learners start their knowledge lit careers. In KLiC Diploma, the learner can as much as choose 6 Role Based Modules (RBM). Each RBM is based on a particular role. The roles contain the subject matter in tune with the industry expectations, the skills required to perform the role, and the tools necessary to be learnt and mastered. During the course the learners are educated to produce socially useful and acceptable work. KLiC Diploma is based on MKCL’s role-based and work-centric vocational education approach.

Each of Role Based Module (RBM) is mapped to specific industry roles. The roles are offered in the following disciplines

  • Creative Digital Arts
  • Life Skills for Workplace Readiness
  • Financial Services
  • Financial Accounting
  • Hardware and Networking
  • eEducation and many more

KLiC Diploma is based on the philosophy of Role Based Learning. Traditionally the learning is tool based. In the next article we will discuss the merits of Role Based Learning over the traditional tool based learning.


5 Tips to manage the last 2 days before JEE Main

calenderIt’s April 4th. JEE Main is just 2 days away. The moment that you have been waiting for all this time is just 2 days away.

In this article, we shall discuss the five essential tips to approach the situation.

  1. The days of preparing are over by a long period. Absolutely refrain from learning new concepts, cramming new formulae and touching the numericals which u haven’t solved before. Invest time wisely in revising the work that you have studied well before. Do go through the articles published on this blog regarding revision techniques and methods.
  2. Work on your strengths and reinforce your strong conceptual foundations. Try and go through the syllabus you have studied. Check previous notes and revise the formulae.
  3. Try to relax and study as less as possible on day prior to the exam. It will help you to be calm and confident the next day. Go for a long walk, indulge in some good food, exercise, play your favorite sport, and just kick back! Don’t stress out on the things you have missed; just be confident for the ones you have perfected.
  4. On 6th April, the day of the examination, absolutely refrain from talking to friends about last minute preparations. Do not take calls from friends and relatives regarding preparations and other stuff. Try and stay away from such external sources of anxiety.
  5. Last but not the least; remember that you have studied your best. A small amount of nervousness is absolutely normal, and would help your performance.


We wish you all the very best!

…. for that FINAL PUSH Towards JEE (Main) 2014

1Just little over two weeks remaining for the JEE Main. The stakes have never been higher.

You have been studying for JEE since about two years now. And that’s a lot of time. You are at a point where your basics are clear, fundamentals are in place, and have a lot of practice in solving problems. You have been through the Board Examinations, and countless prelims before that. You have studied the entire syllabus multiple times.  And these, my friends, are your strengths.


With less time at hand, one of the best ways to ensure top score in JEE is to focus on your strengths now.  “Don’t learn altogether new things, perfect what you know” are the words to live by in this crucial period. You have studied a mighty lot in the past two years. You have revised it multiple times as well. And now that’s your core strength.


At this time, with your board examinations being over, it’s important that you come out of the mindset of writing descriptive answers and get into objective answering mode. And Practice is going to help the transition go smoothly. Along with reading and revising the concepts and formulae, do practice solving MCQs as well. It is recommended to solve 4-5 mock papers a week. Check for yourself what suits well.

Try and solve mock JEE papers from a test series. MKCL Mastering JEE Full Portion Test is an intelligent test series covering full portion tests of each subject. The features like GAP analysis and Feedback will help u immensely to learn about your strengths and weaknesses. It will help you to be prepared completely for the bid day.

Keep a lookout for this section. There is definitely more to come. We wish you the best. Pace yourself. Time yourself. Do Well.


About MKCL Mastering JEE

MKCL’s Mastering JEE is a very effective test series program. It is one of the most comprehensive test series program. Two type of tests that would be taken:

  • 141 Individual chapter wise tests for all chapters of Physics, Chemistry, Mathematics and Biology. Sequence of tests would be set by professor himself.
  • 28 subject wise tests (7 per each subject in Physics, Chemistry, Mathematics and Biology.

The individual chapter tests test the learning on a very micro level, the subject wise tests help you to test your learning of all the chapters, and the preliminary tests are the final testing grounds. They simulate the JEE.

For good preparation, the course quality is the backbone. Mastering JEE features more than 16000 questions and follows the ‘conceptual distractor’ manner. It means that for you to answer correctly, you will have to know the concept in its exact sense. The alternatives provided will be very similar conceptually. So that tests your preparation and conceptual clarity.

Another advantage of an objective MCQ test series is instant result and feedback. Mastering JEE has ‘learning while evaluating’. That means after each test your answers and the model answers will be shown to you. You will be evaluating your choices instantly and that is definitely a learning experience. Also detailed feedback is shared with you consisting of the answers you attempted wrongly and the concepts you need to work upon. This will evaluate your capability very objectively and you would know the areas which require more work.

Mastering JEE comes with an innovative ranking system. It does rank your test score nation wise. All the scores of students subscribed to Mastering JEE will be considered for this unique ranking system. It simply means, after the test, you would be given a rank. That rank is the best comparative evaluating grounds for your performance. You will be ranked in the mock test that you take, just like the JEE. If you get Rank-1 in one of the subject test, that very well means that you have outranked other students in that subject and have become the absolute best.

One more very important thing about this ranking system and the test series is, it provides thorough practice. It provides abundant practice. It also simulates the JEE exam framework through the online mode. That gets you the real life JEE experience in the mock tests. That helps in dealing with other factors such as performance pressure, nervousness, exam blues, etc. The sheer scale of the program will help u get rid of such nagging performance issues. The instant results and the rank will instill confidence in you to take on the most challenging exam for you, the JEE. It will help with your morale and inculcate positive attitude, all while you learn continuously and progress.

Keep a lookout for this section. There is definitely more to come. We wish you the best. Pace yourself. Time yourself. Do Well.

MKCL Mastering JEE

You can read the ‘Part 1’ of this article here: https://mkclindia.wordpress.com/2013/12/12/mkcl-mastering-jee/

Preparing for JEE – Part 2

A.   Plan Your Work, Work Your Plan

It’s rightly said so. Planning and organizing are the two most important things when it comes to studying with a definitive goal. Acing JEE is a mammoth task by no doubts and that calls for elaborate planning and deliberate execution.

Planning the studying schedule is highly subjective and depends on the capacity and learning style of an individual. But a common approach towards planning should be a one which can be easily measured. Some students plan as per the time they study while some plan on the basis of the subjects or chapters they study. Whichever way convenient, planning needs to be in place.

Another important thing is to prepare a timetable and stick to it. A timetable adds a direction to your efforts. It organizes your studying, makes it easy to see the results, and inculcates discipline.

B.   Focus and Concentration

Now that you have prepared the timetable, it’s time to stick to it. A plan isn’t that good if it’s not executed well. And to execute the study plan and the timetable, you require a great deal of focus and concentration.  Following are the few pointers which will help with the focus and concentration

  1. Choose the time of the study appropriately. Choose a time when it would be quiet and you could study undisturbed.
  2. Take breaks as and when needed. Ideally a break of 5-10 minutes after an hour of concentrated study is acceptable.
  3. Keep applying what you study instantaneously. For example if you learn a few concepts, then apply their formulae and solve a couple problems. That would instantly make you a master in that domain.
  4. Keep all the study material and required stationery handy.
  5. If comfortable, choose to study two subjects in a day. That would help reduce the saturation of knowledge and fatigue, and might even make things more interesting.

Keep the distractions away. Put the mobile phone on silent, switch off that television, and just focus on the subject at hand.

C.   Stress on Basics and Concepts

Basics and Concepts are the actual rock-solid foundation to your knowledge. The application and the instances will be varying at different levels, but the concepts remain the same. Not just thinking from scoring in the JEE point of view, but the concepts will help you in the future as well.

A novel way to get the concepts imbibed in your mind is attentive listening during the lectures. Ask questions at the end of the concept, ask for examples, apply them, and be comfortable working with them. The deeper you go the clearer it shall be.

D.   Stick to the syllabus

Now completely focusing on the goal that is JEE (Mains) 2014, while studying, stick to the syllabus. The concepts and applications are vast and important. But you need to crack the JEE. So efforts must be put in perfecting the prescribed syllabus.

E.   Use the available resources:

What I mean by use the available resources is to completely utilize and exhaust the resources you have. Instead of running behind test series and notes and books, utilize wisely the stuff you already have collected.

F.    Revise

The syllabus is vast, agreed, and even you study your best. But the more you study, there is a possibility that you might lose touch of the topics studied before. Hence, it’s very important for you to revise. Prepare your own revision schedule and stick to it. Make it a point to atleast go through and revise the syllabus you have learnt once in 15 days.

G.  Time Management

The most important factor to any exam preparation is the Time Management. Here, Time Management amounts to two things,

  1. Managing the study timings, and
  2. Managing time while solving the exams

More on this subject in the coming articles. Watch out!

H.  Update yourself

Keeping yourself up to date is very important. Knowledge and information needs to be shared for better planning and strategizing. Become a member at couple of JEE forums, go through the posts, contribute, and be active on that front. Subscribe to various blogs on the subject. Watch out for this blog for updates

I.      Believe in yourself

Lastly, believe in yourself. “If you aspire to crack JEE, and if you believe that you can actually do it, there is nothing stopping you.”

MKCL Mastering JEE

Preparing for JEE – Part 1

In year 2012, the HRD Ministry had announced “One Nation One Test” policy for the entrance into Engineering and Medicine colleges, and it is going to be implemented from the academic year of 2013. Thus, the Joint Entrance Examination (JEE) is now the only examination that an aspiring engineer would attempt to.  The JEE has been one of the toughest entrance examination in India, and now with this change, the stakes are even higher. There will be one huge pool of aspiring engineers competing together for engineering and medical admissions in the finest colleges of their choice. The sheer scale at which the examination is going to be conducted tells us about the massive competition. And to beat the competition, one needs an Edge. Competitive Edge it’s rightly called, and it’s the absolute advantage that you possess over your competitors.

Scoring well in this examination, or cracking it, is very crucial for an admission in a fine engineering college of your choice. In this article, I am going to write about how can JEE be cracked, what factors are crucial, the importance of hard work, etc. I am going to follow a structured and systematic approach.

To begin with the preparation strategy, the three most important things which are required to excel in JEE are,

  1. Conceptual Clarity
  2. Consistent efforts
  3. Practice

The conceptual clarity helps a long way. A concept well known and understood stays with you for life. Answering questions of any difficulty level is easily possible once you know the concept. The only way to get the conceptual clarity is interactive learning. Asking the teacher all the ‘wh’ questions is of importance. A good basic foundation of concepts, will not only help you ace the JEE but also will assist you in engineering education as well. Like it’s said, “Well begun is half done. ”JEE being a multiple choice examination, in addition to conceptual clarity, one needs to have an objective approach towards learning.

Consistent efforts pertaining to preparation, studies and solving practice need to be put in to ace JEE. Studying hard doesn’t necessarily mean studying for long tedious hours. Getting the basic concepts cleared, and the completion of syllabus is a good foundation. There is a lot more emphasis on practice and practice. Solving mock tests in abundance helps a lot in terms of confidence and helps the student get a general idea as to what he/she might expect in the exam. Thus, practice becomes the most important part in the JEE preparation.

As we know that JEE is an objective examination, practice is a sure shot way to get better at it. Practice mainly includes solving MCQs intensively. It makes you ready for the JEE with ample amount of exposure to solving MCQs. The most important thing is you get to see improvement for yourself. There is a distinct difference and an improvement in your scores with time. The sense of progression and continuous learning through testing makes the preparation complete. That being said, it is of paramount importance to subscribe a good preparatory test series for JEE.

More to come on how to prepare for the JEE and few tips in the next post. Have a good day ahead!

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