About MKCL Mastering JEE

MKCL’s Mastering JEE is a very effective test series program. It is one of the most comprehensive test series program. Two type of tests that would be taken:

  • 141 Individual chapter wise tests for all chapters of Physics, Chemistry, Mathematics and Biology. Sequence of tests would be set by professor himself.
  • 28 subject wise tests (7 per each subject in Physics, Chemistry, Mathematics and Biology.

The individual chapter tests test the learning on a very micro level, the subject wise tests help you to test your learning of all the chapters, and the preliminary tests are the final testing grounds. They simulate the JEE.

For good preparation, the course quality is the backbone. Mastering JEE features more than 16000 questions and follows the ‘conceptual distractor’ manner. It means that for you to answer correctly, you will have to know the concept in its exact sense. The alternatives provided will be very similar conceptually. So that tests your preparation and conceptual clarity.

Another advantage of an objective MCQ test series is instant result and feedback. Mastering JEE has ‘learning while evaluating’. That means after each test your answers and the model answers will be shown to you. You will be evaluating your choices instantly and that is definitely a learning experience. Also detailed feedback is shared with you consisting of the answers you attempted wrongly and the concepts you need to work upon. This will evaluate your capability very objectively and you would know the areas which require more work.

Mastering JEE comes with an innovative ranking system. It does rank your test score nation wise. All the scores of students subscribed to Mastering JEE will be considered for this unique ranking system. It simply means, after the test, you would be given a rank. That rank is the best comparative evaluating grounds for your performance. You will be ranked in the mock test that you take, just like the JEE. If you get Rank-1 in one of the subject test, that very well means that you have outranked other students in that subject and have become the absolute best.

One more very important thing about this ranking system and the test series is, it provides thorough practice. It provides abundant practice. It also simulates the JEE exam framework through the online mode. That gets you the real life JEE experience in the mock tests. That helps in dealing with other factors such as performance pressure, nervousness, exam blues, etc. The sheer scale of the program will help u get rid of such nagging performance issues. The instant results and the rank will instill confidence in you to take on the most challenging exam for you, the JEE. It will help with your morale and inculcate positive attitude, all while you learn continuously and progress.

Keep a lookout for this section. There is definitely more to come. We wish you the best. Pace yourself. Time yourself. Do Well.

Maharashtra Olympiad Movement – Nurturing Excellence and Talent (NET)

Nurturing Excellence and Talent (NET)


Maharashtra Knowledge Corporation Ltd. (MKCL) believes that excellence can be nurtured amongst school children by identifying their natural talent, providing them with appropriate guidance and creating measures to grade them as per the international standards, in addition to their academic grades.  Also, there is a need for knowledge based – knowledge centric examination and grading system comparable to these international standards. After all, the ultimate international academic examinations are International Olympiad examinations in various subjects.

MKCL along-with Indian Consortium for Educational Transformation (I-CONSENT)  have therefore, started a, movement called Maharashtra Science Olympiad Abhiyan which aims to facilitate students from urban as well as rural areas, so that they become capable of winning International Olympiad Medals.

Nurturing Excellence and Talent (NET) program was launched in the year 2007, as a part of Maharashtra Science Olympiad Abhiyan. Under this program, a student is tested repeatedly and provided with nurturing facility to reach higher and higher levels in examinations of international standards.  The most unique feature of NET is that it not limited to students from metro cities but it identifies rural talent, nurtures excellence and builds their confidence and capability to participate in International Olympiads.

What does NET do?


  • Informs and creates awareness amongst school level children about national and international  competitive exams
  • Nurtures Excellence in students to grow academically
  • Reaches students from urban as well as rural background, with same high quality guidance
  • Delivers information at  student’s doorstep
  • Makes students interact with teachers face to face through virtual network
  • Motivates them to compete internationally

How does NET work?

The NET Program is executed through the Authorized Learning Centers (ALC) of MKCL. MKCL has 5000 Authorized Learning Centres spread all-over Maharashtra.

NET program consists of a series of three exams for 7th, 8th, 9th and 10th standard students and two nurturing programs between them. The quality and difficulty level is reached to that of international standard in a step by step manner. Students are eligible to appear for all the three exams. These exams are held in online and on-demand mode.

1st Level exam
Students have to enroll themselves for NET through MKCL’s Authorized Learning Centres (ALCs), and appear for the 1st Level online exam of 150 objective questions. Here the level of difficulty of questions is low.

1st Nurturing Program
All those students who appear for the first level exams are given a DVD of 40 Audio-visual lectures for preparation. 8 Question- answer face to face sessions with expert professors and teachers are arranged through distributed classrooms at MKCL centers to solve doubts of students, spread over a period of three months.

2nd Level Exam
Students then have to appear for the 2nd Level online exam of 150 objective questions of higher level of difficulty.

2nd Nurturing Program
Students who are registered for second level exams are given a DVD of 20 Audio-visual lectures for preparation and are provided with 5 distributed classroom sessions.

3rd Level Exam
3rd Level online exams consists of objective and descriptive tests. Top thirty five (35) successful students are recognized as ‘Maharashtra Olympiad Scholars’. They are felicitated by Gold, Silver and Bronze medals and certificates.

Quality of Training

One of the most important feature of NET is that, Nurturing Programs are designed with the guidance and participation of eminent professors. NET has a team of 20 eminent dedicated professors/ teachers with a work experience of 15-30 years.

NET was started in the year 2007.  7807 students from urban, semi urban and rural areas were benefitted from this program. Shrihari Bhat (INDIA) from NET 2007 batch student won a Silver medal at the International Jr. Science Olympiad, held at Korea.

In the following year i.e. 2008, 9597 students enrolled for NET. In the year 2009, 5554 students registered for NET. In the year 2010, 9837 students registered for NET out of these almost 1752 students had reached 3rd level examination. 35 students are announced as Maharashtra Science Olympiad Scholars.

So far MKCL has nurtured 32799 students so far from the year of inception.

For further information:

Please contact
Yashodhan Kale -98900 24345 (M)
Coordinator- Nurturing Excellence and Talent Program
Maharashtra Knowledge Corporation Ltd. (MKCL)

Visit MKCL website: www.mkcl.org
Visit NET website: www.mkcl.org/net

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